Best-in-Class UCITS Hedge Funds

Genesis Advisors is a hedge fund advisory & seeding firm focusing on best-in-class alternative asset managers with a special expertise in providing them with UCITS structuring, seed capital and exclusive promotion.

Genesis was established in 2016 with a presence across Switzerland.



Offering the best track records & pedigrees in UCITS format

Through a rigorous and constant screening of the hedge fund universe, Genesis identifies and partners up with best-in-class top-performing hedge fund managers in each main alternative sub-strategies - providing them with a first class gateway to the UCITS world (seeding/structuring/promotion) and offering their unique expertise in a liquid and investor friendly format.



FINalternatives & HedgeWeek May 2017 / Opalesque Nov. 2017: Conquest STAR UCITS

Advent Global Partners UCITS

The Hedge Fund Journal & FINalternatives Oct. 2017: Advent Global Partners UCITS

Quest Convertible Absolute Return UCITS

HedgeWeek, FINalternatives & Citywire March 2017: Quest Convertible Absolute Return UCITS



Genesis Advisors

6 General-Guisan-Strasse

6303 Zug - Switzerland

+41 78 607 99 01 / +41 22 310 23 68